BMG Rights Management and Rupert Hine announced this joint venture partnership during the Berlin Music Festival in September 2010. The objective was to find, recognise, and empower the originality of writers and artists who would simply ‘die’ without any creative and emotional connection to a hungry audience. "...The new company finds Hine providing hands-on guidance as a producer and A&R scout for artists - reflecting his love of original and exciting music..." Music Week Tuesday, Nov 1st 2011 “It is more important for me now to recognise that my input as a music-maker is one of experience, advice and guidance with the singular objective of getting to the heart of each song and, ultimately, each writer - unlocking the doors to their originality.”

He feels that BMG Rights Management is the perfect partner in this regard, because “they are building a business based on sensible, practical and established business mechanisms... gone are the Dark Arts cultivated by the elite that grew to control the Record Industry”. The stress on the phrase ‘Rights Management’ highlights the essential difference between Auditorius and the traditional worlds of labels and publishing. Auditorius, as with BMG RM itself, will build on it’s expertise in the fields of developing and exploiting the writing of musical works on a global level, with being in a ‘business partnership’ with each writer. Gone are the “minimal percentages given to the writer-artists for their original works, as with yesterday’s record deals, confused further by their detrimental advances” - replaced by a sensible financial/business partnership that creates an ongoing relationship supporting the artist’s natural talents and skills by managing their creative activities, business connections and artistic ambitions. Hine sees BMG RM’s potential as ‘colossal’ at this time, simply because "their vision is exactly in step with the times.” He continues “Having spent several years trying to fathom out the myriad of so-called ‘new business models’ (none of which have actually ‘landed’ yet), I am of the opinion that it is this elegantly simple model of entering into a ‘business’ with each and every writer, based on their own goals and potential, that makes the most sense.” “When you marry this ideology with the enormous global media potential that is BMG Rights Management with it’s connectivity to every aspect of creativity, this is an undeniably powerful and attractive solution for a healthy re-birthing of all that is important to music in the 3rd millenium.” Rupert's first signings to Auditorius were Ed Prosek and Jameson* (Burt). Of Ed, Rupert says: "I'm very proud to have signed this exceptionally talented singer-songwriter to my publishing company Auditorious/BMG earlier this year. A young American transplanted to Brighton where his creativity has grown faster than bamboo on steroids. Anyone who doesn't yet know Ed please take a couple of minutes to glimpse his extraordinary talent..." *California-based Jameson has since gone on to join the band Mount Holly.