Bestowed for the last five years, the Fellowship Awards recognise special contributions to the "Art, Science and Business of Recording" and this year, together with Joe Boyd, Clive Green, Bob Ludwig, Jimmy Page and Chris Thomas, Rupert joined an elite group of past recipients; sound and music innovators that include Sir Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Chris Blackwell, Sir George Martin, the APRS President, and the like. Rupert’s achievements over the last 45 years were summed up in a diverting and informal citation given by Sir Bob Geldof, who revealed that the only reason why Rupert never produced the Rolling Stones was because Keith Richards thought “he was too posh”. A remark which 'brought the house down' - the illustrious and assembled company at the Roof Gardens, Kensington, where the award ceremony was held on 22nd November 2011. Rupert is not only recognised as a producer, but an accomplished songwriter and composer in his own right, mentor and co-founder of the BRPG (British Record Producers’ Guild).

All Photos: copyright Gilead Limour (APRS) 2011APRS: Association of Professional Recording Services Rupert makes his acceptance speech to Sir George Martin, assembled APRS members and guests.

After the event, Rupert said that receiving the accolade directly from Sir George gave the occasion "real meaning and gravitas" on both a personal and professional level and thanked the APRS "hugely" for voting him this honour. He also made special comment that to share the occasion with both Jimmy Page and fellow producer Chris Thomas made the occasion "even more memorable".APRS Executive Director Peter Filleul said: “The special affection in which Rupert is held in the industry is particularly a reflection of the consistent warmth, wisdom and worldliness he has brought to producing, composing and recording a fascinating diversity of musical interests.”