In the Summer of 2013, Alexander Guelfenberg wrote to Rupert from Vienna. Alexander owns Virtual Music's Synthesiser Service, His request was for Rupert to sign a synthesiser key - from a PPG that's being lovingly restored. He says: "The basic idea came to life when Martin Gore signed the first key. Others have followed, since they like the idea. Indeed, Alexander now has eight signed keys; by Martin Gore, Midge Ure, Mike Smith/Wave Team, Andy Thomas (ex-PPG), Reinhold Heil (Spliff, Nina Hagen Band), Nigel Bates and, of course Rupert Hine - who liked the idea so much he asked Howard Jones to sign a key which is being added to the collection! We have asked Alexander to keep in touch about his progress on the project and as more keys are added.

Andy Thomas, Martin Gore, Rupert Hine, Reinhold Heil, Midge Ure, Michael Smith, Nigel Bates (Howard Jones not shown)