Rupert was recently interviewed by Maxi Media, a TV production company based in Germany who are currently working on a music documentary - collaborating closely with Warner Music and management to illustrate a 360° view on the global phenomenon that is Tina Turner; illuminating the background of the music, her development over the years and the fascination around her that will never end. The Maxi Media project intends to include fellow musicians, companions and friends of Tina Turner to take a look at the music in depth and they interviewed Rupert to get more of an insight into their collaboration. The company have produced several other successful music programmes including “Thank You For The Music - 40 years of ABBA; Bad 25 - Michael Jackson; Stayin‘ Alive - 50 years of Bee Gees; We are the champions - 40 years of Queen”.

Maxi Media Interview - Location: Southwark, London