Deep Purple were originally signed in 1968 to Parlophone Records in the UK, before switching to EMI’s progressive imprint, Harvest, the following year. In 1971, the band’s management set up Purple Records, to release Deep Purple’s records from “Machine Head” onwards, but also the various side projects the band members were developing, and artists that they were discovering and respected. The label would eventually become home to debut solo releases from Jon Lord, Roger Glover & David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, as well as early releases from Michael Des Barres’ Silverhead and Ronnie James Dio’s Elf. Following expanded reissues from the resurrected Purple Records by Glenn Hughes, Silverhead, Elf and Hard Stuff, Cherry Red are proud to announce the new four disc set, “Purple People Volume One”. Between finding fame performing as Mary Magdalene in Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” alongside Ian Gillan’s Jesus, but before being snapped up by RSO Records to become a disco superstar with the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack, Yvonne Elliman made one LP for Purple Records. Produced by Rupert Hine, the Hawaiian singer’s guests include The Who’s Pete Townshend, who lends his guitar to her version of ‘I Can’t Explain’. The album is also notable for the song ‘Happy Ending’, a rare, early example of song writing from a pre-“Bat Out of Hell” Jim Steinman. Purple Records was nothing if it wasn’t a broad church, and Buddy Bohn’s “A Drop In The Ocean” is typical of the label’s eclectic nature. In part recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Illinois born guitarist’s third LP was produced by Jerry Lordan, and also features cover artwork form the famed Hipgnosis design team. The royalties from the minor hit ‘Vermouth Rondo’ allowed Bohn to build his own studio. Carol Hunter was born and brought up in New York, and started the guitar as an exercise for a broken wrist. After leaving school and performing around Greenwich Village coffee houses with Peter Tork, she taught guitar for a year, made an album with Janis Ian, did session work in New York, including playing with Jimi Hendrix. From session work to three years as lead guitarist with Neil Diamond both on the road and in the studio, she has also worked and recorded with Richie Havens, Jackie De Shannon, The Raiders and numerous others. Produced by Carol Hunter and Randy Steirling, “The Next Voice You Hear” also includes a guest appearance from Larry Carlton. As if to prove how open-minded the Purple Records roster could be, “COLDITZ BREAKPOINT!” is – according to the album’s liner notes – a record that, “has been created for your imagination. It is a song without words, a film without a screen, an opera without libretto. There is no musical score and no script; no straight-jacket to dictate terms of your experience.” Released in 1973, partly as an unofficial companion to the highly popular BBC TV series that ran from 1972-1974, it is a collection of wartime-era songs and music, created with the co- operation of Major Pat Reid, technical consultant for the series and real British Escape Officer at Colditz. “COLDITZ BREAKPOINT!” appears here on CD for the first time. Track List:DISC ONEYVONNE ELLIMAN: FOOD OF LOVE (1973)1. CASSEROLE ME OVER2. MORE THAN ONE, LESS THAN FIVE3. I WANT TO MAKE YOU LAUGH, I WANT TO MAKE YOU CRY4. MUESLI DREAMS5. I CAN’T EXPLAIN6. SUNSHINE7. HAWAII8. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM BLUES9. THE MOON STRUCK ONE10.HAPPY ENDING11.LOVE’S BRINGING ME DOWNPRODUCED BY RUPERT HINE DISC TWOBUDDY BOHN: A DROP IN THE OCEAN (1971)1. PICCALILLI LADY2. WINTER SONG3. COCKROACH4. ALMITRA5. VERMOUTH RONDO6. REFLECTING BUTTERFLY7. ALBERT GATE FARM8. CURIOUS YELLOW9. SAD LADY10.SAMUEL11.SUMMER SONG12.FORGOTTEN SOUNDPRODUCED BY JERRY LORDAN DISC THREECAROL HUNTERTHE NEXT VOICE YOU HEAR (1973)1. LOOK OUT CLEVELAND 2. PASS IT ON3. SEA FEVER4. 5/4 MARCH5. SONG FOR A WINTER’S NIGHT 6. DR. PEPPER7. BORDER SONG8. DRESSING ROOM JAM9. GOSPEL CHANGES 10.CAROL WITHOUT WORDSi.THE NORMAN STAND THERE RAG ii. CAROL WITHOUT WORDSiii. DR. PEPPER (INSTRUMENTAL)11.SOGGY WALTZ DISC FOURCOLDITZ BREAKPOINT! (1973)1. THE WARSAW CONCERTO – Melachrino Orchestra2. WISH ME LUCK – Gracie Fields3. LONDON PRIDE – Elsie And Doris Waters4. THERE’S A BOY COMING HOME ON LEAVE – Maurice Winnick5. SYMPHONY NO. 4 IN F MINOR – New Philharmonic Orchestra6. (WE’RE GONNA HANG OUT) THE WASHING ON THE SIEGFRIED LINE – Arthur Askey7. SIEGFRIED’S FUNERAL MARCH – London Philharmonic Orchestra8. I HEAR YOUR VOICE – Luton Girls Choir *9. DIE FAHNE HOCH – SS Standarte 42 Military Band10. TIGGERTY BOO – Jack Warner11. RHAPSODIE OPUS 79 NO. 2 – New Philharmonia Orchestra12. SYMPHONY NO. 4 – New Philharmonia Orchestra13. LILI MARLENE – Lale Andersen14. RHYMES – Lale Andersen15. BLESS ‘EM ALL – George Formby16. DER FUHRER’S FACE – Harry Roy17. IN THE MOOD – Unknown Artist18. SYMPHONY NO. 4 IN F MINOR – New Philharmonia Orchestra19. SIEGFRIED’S FUNERAL MARCH – London Philharmonic OrchestraPRODUCED BY RUPERT HINE