One World One Voice at ETNOSUR in Spain on 20th July 2019.  Link below: Translation: Nearly thirty years ago a group of musicians, led by Kevin Godley and Rupert Hine, created the first major milestone in world music. A meeting that took Sting, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mary Boine or Joe Strummer among others (the list is as extensive as the quality of each of them) to come together to collaborate in this blockbuster shot in more than twenty different countries; a very complex task with displacements at planetary level, mixing contents during trips, communications with each of the artists in each of the countries ... in the pre-Internet era. One World, One Voice is collaboration. They are contributions to music from the personal origin to the general folklore. It is an intuition carried out with intelligence, technique and great musicians. OWOV is also an opportunity to see on the screen to understand what your ears are listening to or to close your eyes and get carried away by synesthesia; Anyway, your body will ask to move, your breathing will accelerate and your mouth will become one of those smiles made in Ethnosur that you will keep in your memory for a long time. This film will have an extra incentive: we will have Rupert Hine himself, director and musical producer, who, after the viewing, will share a conversation with the audience.