Facts: more or less half the country wants Brexit – and more or less half do not.


Each of the two major political parties reflect that equilibrium within their members and supporters. Therefore this stalemate will continue right through the election. 


The nature of Social-Media driven divisiveness makes the possibility of a clear open and honest discussion – near impossible.


But Why? 


Where does democracy sit – within such intransigence?


Given that the debate is between two voices…


Voice 1: The loudest voice is a shouting bully repeating his ’strap-line’ over and over again – thus no longer contributing to the discussion in any useful way.


Note: The country’s prime minister speaks for just one half of the country and has not once referred to the half that does not want Brexit ….  How can that be called leadership within a democratic nation?


The current wave of nationalist/populist singularity coupled to the almost surreal understating of the enormity of the task (unpicking 50 years of complex constitutional evolution)…. serves only the bully’s machismo not the debate.


Voice 2: By its innate complexity the voices behind the half that want to stay as part of the oldest democratic continent on our planet – are broad and varied, thoughtful and inclusive.


After all you don’t shout at someone to be moderate and understanding!!! 


Or bully them into being open-minded, considerate and respectful.


These voices need to be heard before the lemmings take us over the cliff….