Brexsurdity 2

Finally in the months leading up to Boris’s bullying and insistence to “get Brexit done” the evidence has been quietly stacking up in the background to reveal the undeniable truth behind Brexit. Over the last 5 years the EU’s position, in terms of regulating Tech, was becoming far too invasive for these unbridled monopolies to ignore - and required their attention before they lost their lead... As a ‘creator’ myself (songwriter and record-producer) I have been very much involved with the Copyright Directive and it’s legal passage through the EU. A rightly-lauded move towards the rebalancing of Creator’s Rights.A Creators victory was scored as Big Tech pulled out all the stops in an attempt to kill the threat to their ‘safe harbour-based’ business models, but failed. Under cover of EFF-inspired Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on EU phone-lines were aimed at freezing out communication on the voting day itself.In the end it was SO noticeable that ultimately it was identified by the EU and largely back-fired leaving some ugly residue on the FaceBook/Google/Alphabet doormats. This highly visible EU push-back caused those same ubiquitous monopolies to work on 'Plan B safeguards' aimed at protecting the health of their dominance in top-down control. By transplanting their ex-US operational Centres to more-friendly / less-regulated locations such as Singapore as they have done over the last few years - the accompanying low taxes and minimal regulatory governance set the tone for continuing advancement. Particularly with the over-riding importance of European HQs. Let’s be very clear here - the tech companies make such unimaginable profits that their ‘owners’ become pre-occupied with ‘spectacular personal visions’ - from private flight to outer space, to private islands and multi-level yachts with built-in missile-systems. These grotesque statements of their untouchability signal so clearly - how above the common resonance of law they regard themselves. If Boris ‘gets Brexit done’ then the government are free to re-write the UK’s still largely unwritten constitution to encourage a Singaporean-style playground for Big Tech’s prime players. Property agents at this rare air-level of discretion are quietly busy reviewing likely plots and settings for Big Tech to inhabit here in our own back yard.All set to control the most influential continent in the world - free from the protection that the EU has so ably demonstrated has been its duty. The enemy of a vision of our lives - on this ever-smaller planet - is not of course the EU.It is a handful of private-owners of ungoverned Tech companies who are insidiously modifying human behaviour - controlling the paths that are written with binary code throughout our every transaction online… Take back control indeed! Yes.But not from the EU - from Big Tech who have us bound and gagged beyond our comprehension. Yet as Sapiens we still use Google and Facebook because they are so convenient and free!Remember…The oldest cliché in Tech is still the fundamental warning - “If its free - you’re the Product”