Rush have led tributes from the music world to producer and musician Rupert Hine, who died yesterday aged 72.Hine produced the Canadian trio's 1989 album Presto and 1991's Roll The Bones. In a statement, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, both still reeling from the passing of Rush drummer Neil Peart in January, said: "In the wee hours of this morning our dear friend and super talented musician, songwriter, and producer of two Rush albums, Presto and Roll The Bones, sadly passed away."Roop was always such an upbeat, unflappable and all around lovely “chap” to work with and to be around. His influence on our music and on our attitude towards enjoying life was profound and he shall be sorely missed by so many."There are still many of his very “British” expressions that have made their way permanently into our lexicon and we can see his smiling face and the twinkle in his eye whilst saying, “Jolly D!!

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