Rupert’s Eventer - the prototype 001 Lynx - is to be one of only ten specialist, classic jags to be featured in the arena at the XJS Club's national day, 45th anniversary. Rupert's prized, Prototype Lynx Eventer 001 (aka Briar Rose) has been invited to be one of the show stoppers at this event...He would have been SO proud, it's what he wanted to do in retirement, drive her, show her off and talk about her…She was restored after many years of languishing and deterioration and delivered back on his 70th birthday. Before his birthday he had to go into hospital again so to cheer him up he was told about the restoration...this was his reaction, to the restorer, Eventer enthusiast Pascal Mathieu: "I had NO idea! I was SO excited! Still am…. 🙂 I have been feeling the hairs on the back of my neck getting very excited….Yesterday I had to be whisked into hospital...It was at the hospital that Fay thought the timing was perfect for me to hear some really good news! So she told me and I almost fell over! With delight - not shock!!!! I have been consistently been putting the project back - and was beginning to recognise in the back of my mind, the beginnings of a slippery-slope that might have soon led to ‘letting her go’ …. and that would have been horrible. Really sad for me. Because although I had those pretty Bristol 401s, wacky Riley RMA’s, beautiful Aston DB5 convertibles and C-type replicas….the one truly ‘original’ as in unique car (and the one I drove as an everyday car so enjoyably for almost 20 years) was always the idiosyncratic marvel that both you and I love so.”

Photo : Gillian Carmoodie
Photo: Fay Morgan Hine