BETTER OFF DEAD The 1985 black comedy for which Rupert did the musical score is the subject of a book to be launched in February 2022 by the actress, producer, model, Diane Franklin. Franklin, one of the stars of the film alongside John Cusack - starring in only his 2nd role - was seeking any information, photos, memorabilia etc for the publication and initially contacted Cy Curnin of The Fixx, who had sung backing vocals for Rupert on the song With One Look. Curnin put her in direct touch with Fay Hine who knew exactly what to send…Rupert had kept one of the props, a favourite of his which had always been on display where he was working. Fay duly and carefully wrapped it and sent it to Diane. On receipt, she made this video and shared it first with Fay. If you’ve not seen the film, the prop was an item given to Diane’s character, Monique Juno, by the character Ricky Smith, played by Dan Schneider. It’s an iconic piece and Diane was clearly thrilled to have been sent it and see it again after 35 years!

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