Scheduled for release in October 2022! Surface Tension – The Recordings 1981-1983’ includes the albums ‘Immunity’, ‘Waving Not Drowning’ and ‘The Wildest Wish To Fly’ celebrating the creativity and originality of Rupert’s solo work of the early 1980s. The acclaimed and strikingly original ‘Immunity’ from 1981 saw the noted producer on compositions written by him with lyricist Jeannette Obstoj. Guest performers on the album included Phil Collins and Marianne Faithfull; the album would influence a host of celebrated musicians and continues to do so. The 1982 album ‘Waving Not Drowning’ was another fine work and was particularly popular in Scandinavia and once again featured Phil Collins, while 1983’s ‘The Wildest Wish To Fly’ was a hit album in Sweden and featured a guest appearance by Robert Palmer among others. All of these recordings were engineered and co-produced with Stephen W Tayler, who has remastered this collection. This would have been Rupert's 75th year and the release of this box set is a fitting tribute to Rupert and to Jeannette … with thanks to Cherry Red/Esoteric and Stephen W Tayler - Fay Hine