OUT NOW! - Rupert Hine Surface Tension

Rupert Hine was not only the producer’s producer—the man behind the glass for celebrated albums from artists as diverse as Tina Turner, Howard Jones, The Fixx, Rush, Stevie Nicks and Bob Geldof—but a recording artist in his own right. ‘Surface Tension – The Recordings 1981-1983’ collects together Rupert’s trio of solo albums, upon which he honed his craft as both musician and producer.

The first of these, 1981’s Immunity was a deliberate break with the past. Working with lyrical partner Jeannette Obstoj, Hine set out to push the envelope in terms of how sounds and music could be recorded, remaining connected all the while to excellence in both songwriting and musicianship — guesting on the album were both Phil Collins and Marianne Faithfull.

With ‘Waving Not Drowning’, released in 1982, and the subsequent ‘The Wildest Wish To Fly’ Hine took more of a mainstream direction without losing his esoteric musical edge. With guest appearances including Robert Palmer, the latter became a hit in several Scandinavian countries. While the albums may not have seen the same commercial success as some of his contemporaries, they became Hine’s calling card: following their release, artist after artist lined up to have him produce their work

All three albums were engineered and co-produced by Stephen W. Tayler, who has remixed this collection. Incorporating an illustrated booklet reflecting the original discs, and liner notes covering many aspects of the recording sessions, the set is a must-have not only for fans of Hine himself, but for anyone who wants to understand the seminal moment in music production that was the early 1980s.