Power of Prayer : Single

‘The Power of Prayer’ taken from Sheila Chandra’s upcoming digital release Out in the Real World is available now on all digital platforms. This digital release is a companion to the recent CD/LP re-issue trilogy of Sheila’s albums on Real World.

The track was recorded with Rupert Hine during the Real World recording week of 1991. When you do a session, the engineer will generally give you a rough mix with your part on it as a reference. This is that ‘off the mixing desk’ version as I thought listeners might like to hear what I heard on the day when I put my vocal down. Here’s the story of how I came to record it. I also wanted to highlight this performance because this improvisation became the basis of ‘Kafi Noir’ on ‘The Zen Kiss’ – a bit of recycling! – so it’s interesting to listen to the two tracks together.

Photo: from Work Room of Sheila Chandra standing at mic
Photo: The Rupert Hine cassette tape